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Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

What We Do and Who We Are:

The heart of what we do and what drives us is to help our customers to be more profitable and more effective in delivering on their mission. That is our mission.

How We Help Our Customers

By helping our customers turn data into a powerful tool for making better and informed decisions at all areas of the organization. Our services take our customers though the complete process of becoming a true data driven organization.
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A strong Business Intelligence platform is not one size fits all. Getting the design right takes a lot of skill and experience. We have well established process for gathering all the information we need. After our assessment, we provide a plan that includes the designs for:

  • Architecture
  • Security Model
  • Data Warehouse
  • Tabular Models
  • Measures and KPI’s
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Proof of Concept
  • Implementation
  • Adoption and Training
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Data Analytics
Most companies don’t have dedicated in-house data analysts. Instead, there is usually someone that has gotten good with Excel and creates some Pivot Table reports. In an incredibly competitive, data driven business world, that really isn’t good enough.

Our analysts are well trained to know how to analyze the data with focus rather than simply exploring data hoping to stumble onto something important. We take sort of a Pareto approach. Every business has areas for improvement that impact profitability. We call them leaks, hidden things that reduce profitability.

Our analysis is focused on finding those leaks and ranking them by how much profitability loss they represent. From there, the focus is on the top 20% in descending order, so plans can be created to attack each one in order of net impact. As those plans go into effect, we monitor progress while working on plans for the next 20%.
Business Intelligence Platform

A complete Business Intelligence Platform from scratch has a lot of parts to it. Our development team has tremendous skill and experience in building each part to the highest standards. We also have our own proprietary complete platform that will support most needs for customers that don’t need a custom platform. Both platforms include:

  • Data Warehouse
  • Automated ETL
  • Tabular Models
  • KPI’s
  • Power BI Reports and Dashboards
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Training and Developing People

We believe that most people do there jobs as well as they can. Through training, we help users understand how to rally use the Business Intelligence tools. Our goal is to find internal people that we can develop.