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Improving Business Operations & Profitability

We deliver tools that use Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics to find and prioritize the ways to improve your business and its profitability. We teach your employees to use those tools to make better decisions and business improvements.


Common Problems We See

As a business grows, many challenges develop, but there are some that are extremely frustrating and can have a serious impact on the profitability of the business. There are several that we find in almost all new customers.
Leaders lack visibility into what is happening in the business. They can’t see and monitor the health of the business.
Profit leaks develop and are very hard to find and fix. In many cases, they are not even noticed.
Problems are only seen after they happen. There is nothing indicating that a problem is coming.

How We Help Our Customers

By helping our customers turn data into powerful tools for making better and more informed decisions in all areas of the organization.
Quickly uncover and fix profit leaks. Give leaders clear visibility into performance.
Keep the activities of all areas of the organization aligned with top level organizational goals
Predictive Alerts. We build alerts that look at what is happening and project forward so problems are found while there is still time to prevent them.

What We Do For Our Customers

We use tools from the Microsoft Power Platform and add our extensive experience to deliver tools and training that have a significant and positive impact on the organization. Cost of entry and time to deliver are much lower with the Power Platform tools which lets us focus more on real business improvements rather than spending large amounts of money and time building out the environment.
Power BI: We build secure, interactive reports that let users do more than just see what is happening, the reports also look forward to show problems or opportunities coming. Well designed KPI’s and Data Visualizations allow users to quickly get to the things they need to focus on.
Power Apps: Business Intelligence Platforms need to collect and maintain data that is not held in a Line-Of-Business application. Power Apps development is much faster and less expensive than traditional enterprise web applications and is the perfect tool for handling this additional data.
Power Automate: We find our customers’ employees doing many manual and repetitive tasks that consume their time and increase errors. By using the incredible number of connectors and templates in this tool, we are able to quickly automate these repetitive tasks so employees can focus on the work that benefits the organization.
KPI’s & Metrics: We believe that this is the heart of a great Business Intelligence Platform. We put in the work to make sure we deeply understand the business and the data so we can design the best possible KPI’s and metrics so we can highlight the real health of the business and reveal opportunities for improvements.
Data Modeling: The engine that makes all the Reporting, Dashboards, KPI’s, and Metrics possible. The Models can be built and hosted in Power BI, Azure Analysis Services, or On-premises Analysis Services. We have tremendous skill in building the Models that our customers need in any of the three hosting options.
Security: Access to the different tools in the Microsoft Power Platform is maintained in a variety of places with different intents. Different types of data will have different kinds of needs in terms of security. We design and maintain thorough security policies that take into account all the needs of any of the tools that we deliver.