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Compointe Consulting

Power BI

We build customized reports and detailed dashboards that help keep you informed on how your business is doing real-time

Data Architecture and Strategy

We utilize unique measures and key performance indicators (KPIs) in conjunction with popular design principles to influence our data design and strategies

Solution Design

Our business intelligence consultants assist data-centric companies in identifying and evaluating strategic business practices using:

Power BI Dashboards

Our dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of enterprise operations while revealing trends and patterns in the data

Power BI Reporting

Reports created by our consultants allow for businesses to drill down specific data for its respective departments

How We Handle Data


Once the data is gathered from all sources and transformed as necessary, diagnostic and predictive analytics can be applied 


Our administrators implement and manage the operational aspects of cloud-centered and hybrid platform solutions built on Microsoft Azure data services and Microsoft SQL Server


We take all necessary precautions to ensure data is received, stored, and maintained properly whether it is cloud-based or housed locally